Kaidan, Hyaku Monogatari, J-Horror and other chilling traditions of Japan- Part 1: Ghosts in the Summer?

A Biblioteca Noturna

(Cover Image: Samuel Berner)

Try to imagine the perfect setting for a good horror story.

Did you?

Perhaps you imagined an ominous house somewhere remote, or a cabin in the middle of the woods, or even an ancient castle. Maybe you imagined a dark and stormy night, full of lightning and thunder. What you probably didn’t imagine was a beautiful Summer day, right?

Well, for most westerners the sunny days of summer don’t exactly conjure up scary imagery (unless you’re American and grew up spending your summers at camp. After all summer camp ghost stories are a classic little bit of Americana). Usually, when we think of ghosts we tend to think of cold, dark nights, storms, howling winds… In the United States, for example, the “spooky season” is Autumn, mostly due to Halloween, while the United Kingdom has a long tradition of associating ghosts with winter, as we have…

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