Akawan- Inglês de Sousa (English Translation)


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Cover image: Marco Marques

Written by Pará-born writer, journalist and attorney Inglês de Sousa, “Acauã” was first published in his short story anthology “Contos Amazônicos” (“Amazonian Tales”) in 1892.

Acauã” (adapted in this translation as “Akawan”), is the Brazilian common name of the Laughing Falcon, also known as Snake Hawk (Herpetotheres cachinnans),a neotropical bird of prey whose diet mainly consists of snakes. In Brazil, this bird is usually considered a portent of misfortune, and it is believe that whenever its call is heard, a tragedy is bound to happen soon (listen for yourself HERE).

For the purpose of keeping this translation as authentic and as close as possible to the source material, I’ve kept all the original names with their original spellings. The same goes for the names of cities, rivers, animals plants etc. The only exception being “Acauã”, which I’ve adapted for the sake of keeping the…

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