Reconsidering Don Quijote


How a pandemic or mid-life crisis makes us return to the classics

One consequence of the current pandemic is that it has made many of us (of a certain age) reflect on our own mortality and legacy. It also has made us slow down. We haven’t traveled or participated in many of the recreational activities we used to enjoy. I took advantage and picked up some new hobbies, including birdwatching, studying chess, blogging, and savoring different coffees. Now that the new vaccinations are allowing us to see the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel, I fear that we might forget some of the insights gained during this time. While I certainly won’t miss 2020, I hope not to overcompensate and start to live life at breakneck speed when restrictions are eventually lifted as we inch towards herd immunity. There’s a certain solace that we can take…

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